Natural Healthcare Services

Metagenics is the Practitioner Only Natural Medicines in  New Zealand. As we know most of the health disorders are associated with food that we take on a regular basis.  These disorders can be reversed back to normal, using the same foods. Thus, I have joined Metagenic group since 2016 and treating the client with Metagenics for their various health conditions. I am available for consult either at Marua Rd or Papakura Clinic. However, consultation incurs the cost of $20.



 The conditions that has been successfully treated are:  

Insomnia     Fatigue Syndrome      Fibromyalgia     Allergy

Anemia       Women with hormonal problem      High Cholesterol

Regulating blood sugars     Digestive Health     Chronic pain   joint health

Immune-mediated conditions such as Psoriasis, Lupus, Celiac and more